5 facts about the material stainless steel

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A stainless steel water bottle is currently very trendy and is the perfect everyday companion. Whether in sports, at work or outdoors - stainless steel bottles are healthier and more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles and also offer many advantages over other water bottles.

# 1 Stainless steel is stainless

Stainless steel becomes steel if the alloy contains at least 13% chromium. Only this refined steel may then be called "stainless".


#2 Nickel und Widerstandsfähigkeit

However, nothing is said yet about its resistance to acids. This resistance to acids is given to steel by the admixture of nickel.

Steel + chrome + nickel = stainless steel

# 3 Chrome makes the stainless steel stainless

From a chromium content of 10.5% stainless steels are considered "stainless" - but only under normal ambient conditions with low humidity.


# 4 stainless steel grades in practice

Very common names for food grade stainless steel are 18/8 and 18/10. The 18 stands for the chromium content of 18%, the 8 and the 10 for a nickel content of 8% and 10%.

The remaining percent should be as pure as possible, high quality steel. Stainless steel with the designation 18/8 or 18/10 is absolutely food safe because it is rustproof, acid resistant, dishwasher safe and tasteless.


5# What is Steel

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and today it is the most important technological and structural material in the world.

Iron + carbon C = steel

Carbon content is the most important factor affecting the quality and processability of the steel in the range of 0.05% to 2.06%. Steel is an excellent material, and has a very wide use. You could say that the usability of the iron has risen to unprecedented heights.

For the production of all hydro2go Stainless steel bottles We use only food grade 18/8 stainless steel, also known as Type 304 stainless steel.

The advantages of a drinking bottle made of stainless steel:

  • maximum longevity
  • doppelwandiges Design: bis zu 24 Stunden kalt oder 12 Stunden heiß 🔥 ❄️
  • dishwasher safe
  • tasteless and odorless
  • pollution-free
  • shatterproof


  • higher weight than e.g. Tritan drinking bottles
  • Liquid level not visible
  • More expensive to buy


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