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Promotional product with company logo. Create the ultimate giveaway, gifts for customers or business customers or even a staff present. With our co-branding program it is now possible for you to create your water bottles in an individual design.

Eco-friendly gifts are very much in vogue. Products that regrow, which are made from recycled or organically grown raw materials and produced in compliance with social standards, rightly have a positive image. With sustainable promotional products your company shows responsibility and commitment beyond the everyday business.

Green Marketing

The zeitgeist shows that ecology and sustainability are gaining in importance. Especially younger consumers pay more attention to environmentally friendly products and resource conservation. As a result, businesses need to engage in green marketing to better serve their audience. A less ecological behavior can lead to media criticism. Sustainability has gained enormously in importance.

gifts to customers


Which message do you want to convey? Modern target groups pay attention to sustainable advertising. Already a plastic bag as packaging can lead to criticism. Those who rely on organic products, scores with many consumers. An eco-friendly bag is gladly presented in the circle of friends. Companies that do not represent ecological values ​​are threatened with damage to their image.

If a company shows that it is increasingly committed to sustainability, that is well received by consumers. Such measures are also suitable for marketing measures in social media. The company can present their ecological advertising media in Facebook and Co.

The 3 building blocks in Green Marketing:

  1. Quality and benefits
  2. Positive feelings
  3. Ecology, environment and sustainability

If a company works ecologically, customers are willing to pay higher prices. This is an interesting side effect of green marketing. And this effect can be reinforced with environmentally friendly advertising materials. Open in Google Translate

Give-away bottle

Many people already know them - the original hydro2go® water bottles. Its dynamic design makes you a cult object and a perfect advertising material that makes your brand a welcome companion. Each hydro2go® water bottle is made in the highest quality with great attention to detail, almost indestructible and usable for many years.

But not only in the production of our bottles, but also in printing, we pay attention to the best quality. For this reason, we have been using the screen printing process for years with brilliantly clear and bright colors.

Hydro2go® Outdoor Sports brand

Over the years, our company has established itself as a trendy, environmentally conscious and high quality brand. Benefit from it and use the brand strength of hydro2go® as a covetous, sustainable and effective advertising medium for your company.


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