Which bottle materials does hydro2go® offer?

Hydro2go water bottles are available in glass, more precisely, borosilicate glass and 18/8 stainless steel.

Stainless steel

The dynamic X-Alps series made of stainless steel is made of 18/8 stainless steel containing 18% chromium and 8% nickel. These two elements are fundamental to the balance of the metal, to the removal of rust and to the fading of the iron-based metal. Stainless steel is very resistant. We trust this material with the utmost confidence - it is not only durable, but also 100% recyclable.

Glass (borosilicate glass)

No material is cleaner than glass. It is inert and non-toxic and easy to clean, to maintain and to recycle. It offers unparalleled purity and preserves the full flavor of drinks. We chose borosilicate glass because of its resistance to high temperatures and chemical corrosion. As a pure material, this glass is perfect for us to guarantee a pure drinking experience.

Die neue Glas Trinkflaschen Serie 2.0 ist ab Mitte Juni 2020 erhältlich – sei gespannt.

Are the bottles from hydro2go® suitable for carbon dioxide?

Glass Drinking Bottles:

We do not recommend glass bottles to be filled with carbonated drinks. Due to the high pressure that can occur, there is a low risk of damaging the glass bottle.

If you are still standing on glass and can not do without a bit of soda in your life: Careful use of drinks with mild carbonation.

Please note the following: Leave some air up for gas evolution. And please open the lid carefully so it does not spray too much.


Stainless steel water bottles:

Keinen Stress hingegen bereitet dir die Kohlensäure bei Edelstahlflaschen. Da bist du auf der sicheren Seite. Edelstahl Trinkflaschen sind beinahe unverwüstlich. Achtung: Der Sportverschluss (sport lid) ist bedingt auslaufsicher bei kohlensäurehaltigen Getränken. Unbedingt etwas Luft nach oben für die Gasentwicklung berücksichtigen. Deckel müssen fest verschraubt sein.

Are hydro2go® bottles safe?

In any case. We rely on the best and safest materials for the production of our water bottles. With strict safety tests and quality controls, we guarantee the highest quality and non-toxic products. We know that safety comes first.

Are hydro2go® drinking bottles BPA-free?

All hydro2go water bottles are BPA free. We test all materials before they go into production and also rely on additional testing in third party laboratories before the products get their regulatory approval.

There are so many bottle makers. Why should I buy a hydro2go® water bottle?

For our bottles we use only high quality materials - which are among the most durable and healthy materials. 100% premium quality. In addition, we offer you a TOP customer service. Guaranteed. We're here for you.

Are there any spare parts?

High quality and long service life distinguish many of our products. So that you can really use drinking bottles for a long time, we now also offer spare parts.

Where are hydro2go® bottles available?

Our popular drinking bottles are available directly here in our online shop or on Amazon: hydro2go® Amazon Store

Why are hydro2go® bottles also available on Amazon?

Many of our customers buy regularly on Amazon and therefore appreciate the ability to conveniently buy hydro2go® products on Amazon. For Prime members, the shipping costs are also irrespective of the order amount.

Click here for the hydro2go® Amazon Store

Who is behind the hydro2go® brand?

Hans Lüftenegger from Salzbuger Land, himself a sports and outdoor enthusiast, is the founder of the hydro2go® brand.

Find out more about the founder and his motivation here.


We are proud of our products, which are made with our competence and passion. For this reason, we assume that all users have many years of fun on our hydro2go water bottles. If you are not satisfied with your new water bottle, we will replace it or take it back and refund you the purchase price.

Extended service guarantee:

✅ You will get stress free, fast and easy from us free replacement parts for your drinking bottle
✅ Free Glass breakage insurance including your hydro2go glass water bottles
✅ 100% satisfaction guarantee

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The fine print:

We assume no liability for damages and defects resulting from improper use, operation, negligent or incorrect care.

How do I clean my hydro2go® bottle best for a long time?

Drinking bottles from hydro2go are dishwasher-safe in principle. However, we do not know what kind of dishwasher you have at home. For example, some models can destroy the paint of stainless steel bottles.

Ideally, the cover should be cleaned manually, as the silicone seal may deform due to excessive temperatures. For daily cleaning your bottle should simply be rinsed with warm water, if necessary with a gentle bottle brush.

Recommendation: For maximum life, we recommend cleaning the bottles by hand.

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