The drinking bottle for mountain lovers

Mountain and Men

We mountain lovers are looking for a balance in nature. Unfortunately, we don't always respect them. Hiking trails are becoming more and more polluted. We want to stop that!

With Hydro2go drinking bottles we have set ourselves a big goal: Together we want to create a responsible relationship between mountain and people.

Drink more water!

Nowhere in the world is water quality better than in the Alps. Do something good for your wallet and the environment 😉
Our body is also almost 70 percent water. For our body, water is like the oil for the engine. Without enough water, our body functions come to a standstill.
Our long-lasting drinking bottles are designed to ensure that you are well supplied with liquid. With the double-walled insulated construction, liquids stay cold for up to 24 hours & hot for up to 12 hours. A very functional thermo drinking bottle for 365 days a year.
Let's Play!

Go out and become part of our mission #saubereBerge

Be a clean climber!

  • Don't leave garbage on hiking trails.
  • Respect the nature
  • Be there for other mountaineers and help in emergency situations.
  • Enjoy every summit victory.

Clean mountaineers - clean mountains!

A drinking bottle for eternity

Tested under the most adverse conditions in the mountains. 100% leakproof, 100% BPA free. The silicone protective cover offers maximum durability of the stainless steel bottle and prevents unwanted scratches and bumps. We trust in our excellent bottle quality and offer you a lifelong guarantee on the stainless steel drinking bottles.

Make a difference together

Our success - and a lot of the fun - lies in ours and developing momentum to move more positives in our world.

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Your hydro2go team