Outdoor Sports Drinking Bottle

Our planet, our future.

hydro2go - we are a young, dynamic team with the goal of providing nature lovers, hikers, globetrotters and outdoor sports enthusiasts with functional and sustainable drinking bottles.

We have existed since 2017 and are constantly expanding our range with new innovative products - for your outdoor adventures.


Sustainability instead of a throw-away society.

The dynamic X-AlpsBottle has been in our collection since July 2018. Tested under the most adverse conditions in the mountains - perfect for everyday use and outdoor activities, hiking, sports and much more - to enjoy your drinks up to 12 hours hot or up to 24 hours cold in the future.

Nature and Men

To be on the way, to leave, to leave everyday life, to search for new ways and to feel personal limits - all of this is part of the existential needs of human beings. When hiking and hiking you can leave the stress of everyday life behind and recharge your batteries in nature.

Drink More Water

Half of the human body consists of water. It is indispensable for us humans and plays a central role in the organism. For our body, water is like the oil for the engine. Without enough water, our body functions come to a standstill.

Our long-lasting drinking bottles are designed to provide you with the best liquid.

Get out there and become part of our mission:


Our success, and a lot of the fun, lies in developing momentum to move more positives in our world. Show that you are contributing to more sustainability.

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