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Their bracelets are catching up with the community

Anyone who looks at the online presence and the product range of the brothers Stefan and Peter Katzbauer would like to believe that the company has existed for many years. The fact is: It was not until 2016 that the two started developing their "BËRGSTEIGER" brand.

From passion to new full-time job

For a year and a half, they invested - in addition to a 40-hour full-time job - in pre-planning. Stefan Katzbauer: "You can not be persuaded, but try a lot. Good things come with time. It needs continuous development and patience. You should think carefully about each step and use the right time. "

Their enthusiasm for nature was lived out by their father Helmut - a passionate mountain climber. "We hiked a lot during childhood and were mushroom pickers. We have always associated excursions with an activity and a hut retreat. "

Marketing recognized as a strength

The HAK graduate has long held the dream of self-employment in itself. After the discontinuation of business studies, he worked in a social media agency. "I've never studied marketing, but I've recognized my strength and developed myself."

Core product bracelets

Her hobbyhorse in the product range are now hand-knotted bracelets made of cotton and nylon with a powder-coated stainless steel pimple. The Unisize tapes have been available for a year now: "Currently we produce 4,000 to 5,000 pieces per month. We started with a few hundred,

Why an armband?

"There really was no bracelet for climbers. The pimple pulls you upwards. It should also be motivation for everyday life. The range also includes hoodies, sunglasses, socks, caps or caps. Soon there will be stainless steel hydr2go water bottles in the exclusive BËRGSTEIGER edition. Available on the BËRGSTEIGER website in limitierter Auflage.“

Is there a recipe for success?

"Not everything in the textbook should be accepted. One should go his own way and listen to his intuition and gut feeling. "That is why the quote by world-famous composer Hans Zimmer: 'If someone tells you there is a rule, break it' has also become his life motto.

"Of course, our parents were skeptical at first if they could make money from it, and now they are wearing our bracelets."

They donate one euro for each sold item to the mountain rescue service: "My father used to be on mountain rescue. I'm volunteering at the Red Cross. We want to make a valuable contribution to the public. "

The company Bergsteiger Handmade GmbH - based in Graz - now employs 10 people. In 2018 the two founders Stefan and Peter Katzbauer were awarded 3rd place in the context of the Styrian Handelsmerkur

In Instagram, BËRGSTEIGER has almost 50,000 followers on Instagram and more than 100,000 on Facebook. "People like the content for mountain sports and outdoor activities. Our products work in parallel. "

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